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Posted on September 28, 2010

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Even after the Key parts of Arizona immigration law were blocked, Fight over AZ law is ‘far from over’

Posted on August 2, 2010

Federal Judge of Arizona Susan Bolton  blocked  many of the major elements of the controversial new immigration law  just hours before it was due to go into effect on Thursday, 29 of July.

Latino community is enjoying the moment of Victory after  the Judge put on hold the part of the law that requires immigrants to carry proof of citizenship or green cards.

Government of Arizona and most of the people in that state faced a big disappointment as most of Poll’s show the support of the law. Opinion polls show 2/3  of Americans  support a  crackdown of the estimated 11 million of  illegal immigrants in the US.

From the other side Obama Administration calls this a Victory.

The emotions from both sides of the debates are running high. Both sides are running from rage to relief and since the Governor signed this law in April, both the law enforcement and  Latino communities  have been fighting. The 29 of July was anticipated to be the proverbial “light at the end of the tunnel” or if you want the end of the fight.

Instead, after today decision both sides are preparing for the next round of confrontations.

There is still chance that the law will go into effect. "This fight is far from over," Brewer said. Brewer is going to reverse the decision she lost on the 29 of July, ready to take an appeal over to the Supreme Court to ultimately resolve the case. Brewer stands by her choice and refuses to let Arizona sit back and allow ongoing Federal failures to continue.

Instead of working with the Obama administration to resolve the conflict, Brewer prefers to keep on fighting. She persists in her view that the Federals are not doing their jobs to solve the problems that Arizona is facing.

Defiantly she clearly stated: “I will battle all the way to the Supreme Court, if necessary, for the right to protect the citizens of Arizona."

Those who thought that the 29 of July would mark the end of this battle can clearly see now that this issue  is far from resolution and the battle just entered a new phase.

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  1. This is a change we can believe in in America

    New Jersey: Anti-Illegal legislation proposed in New Jersey

    Only post state name and article title for STATES where people are announcing they will file versions of AZ SB 1070.

    I will check your posts and build our master list here

























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  2. Wake up America!! Do you remember the killing of millions of Native Americans by illegal immigrants who came to this country? 50 years ago people were being raped, hung, and beaten to death for being a different color. This is not about taxes!? It’s about human rights and freedom. I have lived all over the United States and I love this country. Colorado is beautiful, Tennessee is amazing, California has some of the best food in the states, now I reside with the love of my life in Texas. I was born in Guatemala. I was an illegal immigrant. I speak better English then most so called “Americans.” This in no way makes me better than any human being. I speak perfect Spanish and this doesn’t make me better than anybody either. This is about the older racist ignorant generation trying to push their immoral ideals on the younger generation. Wake up America!! Wake up younger generations!! We have a moral obligation to work together as a nation of different ethnic back grounds and color to make immigration a working ideal and not problem. I have Latino friends who work for 5dollars and hr. They are illegal. The contractor however pays their taxes I’m sure when he goes out and buys a new truck, jet ski, clothes. We have a moral obligation here. I’m talking to the younger generation. The older generation is just full of disgrace. I know for a fact that we outnumber whites in many areas, and that we contribute to building your houses and gardens. Cooking your meals and cleaning your hospitals, streets, and houses. American whites have become fat and lazy that is fact of the matter. I also don’t see how treating illegal immigrants inhumanely solves any problems. We need to work together and build this country together for the sake of our children. How many Mexicans are plotting to blow anything up?? How about ole’ timmy and Oklahoma City bombing?? How about 9/11? They crossed the border through Canada!! What is the issue here and what are we trying to prove? This country is a giant Illegal Immigrant! Where were your’re great grand parents born and how did they get here. Of course if your a Native American then you don’t have to respond. I just want to know how going around breaking human rights is going to solve any damn problem! It’s going to make matters worse and worse. Latinos, black, and ethnic groups contribute more to this country then any other group because their is more of us! Why don’t we round up all the fat lazy people and put them to work and see what happens? If you want to say stupid things like go back where you came from then go read a book and do the same. Think about the mothers and children of these hard working folks. They are being punished as well and why? Latinos are not going to be blamed for all of Americas problems and thats that. We are revolutionaries. We have the passion that Americans once had. Lets work together be conscience about our laws. If not I believe America will become more divided than ever and the streets will not be safe. Younger generation wake up and fight back. Write your congressmen/ women, senators, and law makers and give them hope for a better resolution then this. You know the Nazis did the same thing to the Jews because they were illegal immigrants in Germany. No rights just round them up. If someone gets hurt like a woman or child in this fiasco, America will fall apart. Instead of blaming a group of people blame yourselves for sitting around and playing on your ipod while eating hamburgers not contributing to your local community. Think Globally Act Locally! May God Bless the Universe and the United States Of America.

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    • I admit that we have the “Right to Protect” other countries and their citizens, but they should not come to our country illegally. If you wanna come here become a citizen or get a green card!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Yes, it’s about human rights. Human rights of USA citizens, for a change!

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    • Guillermo,

      You thieving illegal bastard. Get your hand out of my and the rest of Americas’ pockets. “Think globally, act locally”

      Go back to your homeland and tell them that. On the way past…spread the word in Mexico.

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      • Guatemala is not part of Mexico.. get educated first. And for all of the people who wants “illegals” out well, start for going out you first since this land is the land of Native Americans only. You Americans stoled it from them in the first place! You were the first illegals in this land!!! You killed, you stoled, you robed, you cross the border first. You just like to forget!!!

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        • mexico is on the way to guatemala. which is what he said.

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    • It’s good to see The Cartel Propaganda Machine has hired a Propagandist who is verbose…..He might even Know That Most all “NATIVEs are ARE NOT native. Ie. came across Russia[chinese ,mongol,etc.] Alaska bridge islands…..Spanish speakers are native to SPAIN [decendants of Europeans] ALL Real Mexicans[and central Americans] are speaking Mayan,Aztec and derived dialects….So he might know most of his verbosity is Bu@l Sh*….For instance”we Are revolutioniaries??’….The country of your citizenship is WAITING ON YOU!!!” to take Carlos Slim And his BLUEBLOOD Spanish EUROTRASH by the shirt collar and tell him “MEXICO IS TO BE RESPOSIBLE TO IT”S CITIZENS FROM THIS DAY FORWARD!!!”……Why havn’t you done that ….it is simple …YOU are on the payroll of a multimillion dollar felony crime cartel and are scared to death to do any thing but what they tell you and pay you for……..If illegal aliens were MEN they would fight to show their children and grandchildren they were REAL REVOLUTIONARIES not Cartel Bitches…… advised, American CITIZENS ARE FINISIHED WITH CARTEL PUPPET ILLEGAL ALIEN ENABLERS!!!….American DID AND WILL GET all jobs done by cheap labor by American Ccitizens and LEGAL Aliens usin THE LEGAL system….the revolution will cost your Cartels too much as the Govt. here may be partner every blade of grass and boulder is not……..

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  3. Dear Senor Morton,

    Mexico invites you Senor Morton, as our guest to tour our counrty and learn about our local culture.
    We wish to reward you for your recent decison by ICE, \of backdoor amnesty\ and \deportation modifiction.\
    What a clever hombre you are!
    Viva America, Senor Morton for breaking America Federal Laws.
    We break laws here all the time and your learning from us.

    We will provide you with unlimited Tequila made locally and all drugs , our main export.
    Guided tours of our contryside will aquaint you with our local customs.

    Do you perhaps have daughters Senor?
    Are they young?
    No problem, we don’t discriminate. We have a local custom called, \rape trees.\
    Other tours will include bodies hanging from our local bridges,
    Also, tours of mass execution sites of our own people.
    We think , 28,347 of our MX citizens, dead.
    But whose counting , there’re so many,
    You American keep complaining about beheaded bodies showing up on your borders and all those mass graves.
    But whose counting ther’re so many.

    Senor Morton we know your EL Presidente is the BIg Hombre,
    He keeps those Border States in-line and also breaks American Federal Laws by doing so.,
    But now you both have figured out a way to keep 17,000 people there and support them ,instead of here, Gracia !
    Mexcio has our ways to persaude you to continue to make these smart decisions.
    We like keeping foreigners as hostages.
    Mucho dollars in rasom and it helps to stimulate our economy.
    We know here, how vain you Americans are about \all things Mexico,\ We depend on it.
    You think we want to be like you.
    We don’t, we just want your America dollars for our Swiss bank accounts,
    We talk about your new Healh Care Program here all the time.
    Thank You, for including our illegal population living in America for all those Gingo Benefits.
    What a clever, clever man you are to screw your own counrty and trash all Federal Laws.
    Now your truly one of us!
    Enjoy your vacation in Mexico and thank President Obuuma for us..Viva America!

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    • Thank you Carol..that was excellent. I especially liked the young daughter/rape tree line.

      God bless Arizona

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      • Rsvp, Jersey Boy,

        We are reliving another dark chaprter in America’s history
        It’s called, “separate but equal,” as in the Jim Crows laws.

        Your probably the only one here that knows what that is.

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        • NOT Even Close…..only in the liberal mindset exists the fantasey of sb1070 = Racism…..Those who don’t understand the difference between the Black and ILLEGAL ALIEN population in historical context …also have problems with what the 14th amendment meant for freed slaves and specifically freed slaves…….All this misinformation is greatly appreciated by Cartel enabelers,So called illegal immigration lawyers and their Ilk….as well as dope users and cheap labor employers. I Invite anyone to actually present a cogent comparision that is historically correct???

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            • CAROL,


              The non Caucasian races are banding together to beat down whitey..well not all…just the brainless ones. Next year NASA will be totally eclipsed by the African space program…..

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              • I forgot to add…with Mexican astronauts.

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                • RSVP: Pissed-Off

                  Interesting scientific technique.

                  Will that be the new/ definition for the term/”space monkey?’

                  They can dump all the MS-13 gang bangers in Americacan prisons/ the skies the limit…no shortage either.
                  What do you think?

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            • To paraphrase a Great American General……You do not capitulate,surrender or whine in order to win for your country…..You make your ENEMY capitulate,surrender and Whine for his country…heres a “Liberal Snap shot of what you propse is about to happen??

              …….Note the presence of VIOLENT and widespread killing behavior…..[now and near future]most responses are go to D.C. for a march,,,make comments……..wheres the lynching of whites by mexicans……wheres the wholesale beatings of whites and blacks and dragging 5 or six whites behind the trucks,,,wheres the lawsuits about “I ONLY HIRE MEXICAN WITH DEGREES?”….I’m Sorry I hit a nerve…I can’t go with volunteer victimology as it does not stand on logic or history….History dictates “ALL WHO ACT AS VICTIMS ARE VICTIMS”……I’LL stand with the ghost of George S. PATTON any day and laugh my ass off at his detractors……if they exist?………..
              ILLEGAL ALIENS AND THOSE WHO HELP THEM [Cartel networks liberals,communists,etc.]….may understand G.Patton in the future?

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              • FYI:

                National Geo Special :Border Wars

                Every Wednesday Night -Starting Sept-01-10

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                • I would not put all my intel /info eggs in safety daylight contrived reality tv if I were you as most will crack due to political correctness ,liability and the fact CARTEL OPERATORS DO NOT POSE FOR CAMERAS BE IT DAY OR NIGHT. and oh yeah ,the no interdiction from most hidden cameras is something they laugh at ……you should put time researching those who are playing or paid to help the Cartels SUCESS IN ORDER TO PUT THEM OUT OF OPERATIONAL CONTROL OF THEIR national network……MUCH MORE SATISFYING PASSAGE OF TIME AND WHAT AMERICAN CITIIZENS ARE PRESENTLY DOING….to bring this to an end you [not the bought off govt. hacks] will have to contrbute a piece no matter what size…..contribute ….or ……get out of the way whiners are non productive……I know superbloggers don’t like to hear that… I APPLAUD THOSE PRODUCERS……otherwise…..Whiskey Tango Foxtrot……

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                  • CLV -(W/T/F)

                    ” Cracked Eggs” as in Salmonella.”
                    I don’t think so.
                    The political hacks/ are suffering from /Mad Cow Disease.


                    If YOU really have an insiders track/ about Cartels operating violently/ that you have written about for months/also a hoax and fake.
                    Go spill your gutts to SENOR HOLDER AND SENOR MORTON.
                    Grab these pathetic leaders and some local home boys and go South.
                    You can come back here and write about your/Cartel experience/ and also claim yourself as the /local hero.
                    The people I support/ are the men and women/ feature in this excellent updated series on National Geo.
                    They/ unlike you and me/ are on the front line every day protecting all of us.
                    Your last statement sums-up your entire comment clearly.
                    W/T/F/OVER/AND OUT

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  4. – We launched a facebook application. Please, Voice Your Opinion

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  5. I hope some of you do realize hispanics are the largest growing minority. Most of the children of illegal immigrants won’t let this law stand by because they are legal citizens now. Legal citizens have the right to vote, i know for a fact I won’t let this law stand. Before you keep mexicans are criminals they take away job for americans or any other racial disputes. Look up the facts of exactly how many of the illegal immigrants do actually have high crime. or how much money they provide for the united states. Because cheap labor is cheap labor this makes the prices of the products cheap. If you start paying higher wages the the price of products will go up and you have deflation.

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Immigration Dilemma…

Posted on June 17, 2010

For more than a month, has been highlighting the situation over the controversial Arizona Immigration Law. While the question is up for debate, a lot of bright and reasonable thoughts were shared on the site's forum. Opinions differ but there is one thing that unites them all – America needs change. The immigration system of the country falls short of our real needs. Thomas Menino, Boston Mayor, said: “It’s a message saying America is a land of opportunity...Now there’s one little state out there saying, we don’t want that land of opportunity.” Of course, we shouldn't toss aside this argument! But don't exclude the fact that if the flood of illegal immigrants continues to emerge into the country, there will be no more good opportunities left and the American society, such as we know it, built on the rule of law will no longer exist.

However the question arises as to whether Arizona Immigration Law is a right start. Unfortunately,  a declining housing market is just one of the many negative fiscal impacts of SB 1070. Arizona's pending immigration law increases the number of foreclosures in the Phoenix area. Housing experts anticipate that SB 1070 will not only drive illegal but legal citizens as well.

Do you think the legal challenges to the Arizona law could be more expensive for the state than the cost of illegal immigration? Are real estate agents and mortgage brokers responsible for “doing their part” to curb the illegal immigration problem?

Not to forget that while there is no solid Federal Immigration Reform, illegal immigrants will solely travel from one state to another, and the problem will persist continuously on the national level.

The second area of concern is so called 'anchor babies'. Now an Arizona legislator is working on a plan that would defy the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution by denying citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants born in this country. So it comes out that Arizona acts against the Constitution, but....should such Constitution exist when 70% of citizens oppose it?

Now both sides are ready for a fight that is destined to decide the future of immigration in USA. Jan Brewer said she is ready for the law suit which according to Hillary Clinton's comments in Ecuador is going to be filed against the act by the Obama Administration. The brave Republican Governor of Arizona said: "We are not going to back away from this issue....We are going to pursue it, we're going to be very aggressive," Brewer said. "We'll meet them in court ... And we will win."

Given the circumstances we're wondering could Brewer be the next iron lady or maybe, who knows...the future president of The United States of America? Since nothing has been decided yet and too little attention has been paid by the current Administration towards the Law that all Americans have been discussing for months now...maybe it is time for a big change?

These are only a few questions which Arizona Immigration Law raises. Actually, there are much more...and all of them boil down to the most important one - will this law solve the immigration problem? In case it won't,  what  alternative solution can you suggest?

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Comments (202)

    Click on this map and watch California in particular, at least the first time through. It seems that Americans no longer want to work at any job…

    God bless Arizona

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    • Center for Immigration Studies (CIS)
      Immigration’s Impact on U.S. Workers
      By Steven A. Camarota
      November 2009

      Testimony Prepared for the House Judiciary Committee
      Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security, and International Law

      November 19, 2009

      There is no evidence that immigrants only do jobs Americans don’t want. Of the 465 occupations defined by the government, only four are majority immigrant. Many jobs often thought to be majority immigrant are in fact majority native.

      For example:
      Maids and housekeepers: 55 percent native-born
      Taxi drivers and chauffeurs: 58 percent native-born
      Butchers/meat processors: 63 percent native-born
      Grounds maintenance workers: 65 percent native-born
      Construction laborers: 65 percent native-born
      Janitors: 75 percent native-born

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    • RSVP ; Jersey

      That gave me chills.

      What an excellent graphic that vividly describes how indebt we are as a nation.

      Blindsided from every direction and growing worse.

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  2. ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There are 2 words in “Illegal Immigration”, “Illegal” & “Immigration”. The majority of the discussions are focused on the word “Immigration” when it should be the word “Illegal” Can anyone think of another country where this discussion would even be taking place? I can’t even go to Mexico and stay there “Illegally” much less a counmtry like Japan, China or England. I think the slogan for proponents of SB 1070 should be —————- “ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL”


    1st, BEWARE of what the supporters call amnesty by using the phrase “Comprehensive immigration reform” as a euphemism for it.

    2ND, Are you kidding??? Why? Because Amnesty worked so well in the 80’s in California. There was suppose to be a deadline for people to apply and then the immigration laws were suppose to be strengthened to crack down on anymore Illegal Immigration! We all know how well that worked. Look at us now. In fact Illegal Immigration INCREASED during this Amnesty period!!!

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    Rating: +6 (from 6 votes)

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    • DD,

      Yes, everyone in the United States has the right to ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.’ Well, legal US citizens do anyway.

      Better your life..yes, a noble adventure and cause. But…DO SO LEGALLY. Come thru customs and immigration, or stay out. I’m tired of paying the way of those hard working people ‘just looking for a better life.’

      One question…how many illegals in your family…maybe even you??

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    • No one has the right to break the laws of any country by entering that country illegally, no matter for what reason. There is a way to do things if a person is being persecuted in a country….they can claim political asylum, etc. Just being poor and living in a poor country is not a good enough reason to break laws and disrespect the country your are trying to make a life in.

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  4. Actually, sorry to burst your bubble, but contrary to popular belief, people do in fact choose whom they love. This false perception of love comes from ancient Greco-Roman beliefs in which a god (Cupid) shot an arrow through two human beings’ hearts and they were thenceforth compelled to love one another.

    People need to stop blaming their love on powers beyond their control and take responsibility to their own actions. I speak this not only to you (nor do I mean to sound so insensitive) but also to all of those people who blame cheating on their spouse on unwillingly \falling in love\ with another.

    On one side, yes you did this to yourself in marrying a man who was in a country illegally. On the other hand, it is saddening that such unfortunate outcomes occur in the advancement of law enforcement.

    That being said, I pray that you may resolve this conflict and that your husband may return and obtain legal residency. I know I may have sounded terse with my beginning statements, but my heart really does go out to you and others in your situation. It truly is a shame that enforcing our laws, something meant to protect us, can unpredictably harm us and our loved ones.

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  5. I am speaking to US/MEXICAN FAMILY in the post above to clarify, for some odd reason the site did not put the reply message where I intended it to go.

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Arizona Immigration Law: Pros And Cons…

Posted on June 7, 2010

According to NumbersUSA, America is currently home for 22.7 illegal immigrants among which 22.2 millions are of Hispanic origin. All south near-border states suffered from the flood of illegal immigrants throughout decades but Arizona was the first to actually take a stand!

Numerous attempts to lower the number of illegal aliens have been made beginning with 2007, but all efforts have been in vain since no federal law has been approved up to this day. Most attempts were made in 2009 with a total number of 222 enacted laws and 131 resolutions in 48 states, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Since no consensus has been reached on a federal level Jan Brewer gave up hope and acted alone, by signing the SB 1070, which makes it a crime to violate some federal immigration statutes and authorizes local police to determine whether people are in the country legally. The act is scheduled to go into effect on July 28, 2010, ninety days after the end of the legislative session.

Arizona's Governor discussed the law with President Obama on June 3, and they basically agreed to disagree.

Voice Your Opinion

Oppose Support
President Obama stands for comprehensive immigration reform, including dealing with the volatile issue of amnesty. Jan Brewer says the nation's and state's security against illegal immigrants, criminals and possible terrorists should be the top priority.
The Justice Department may challenge SB 1070 in court. “We'll meet you in court,” Brewer told CNN's John King when asked what she would do if the Justice Department decided to file suit against the law. “I have a pretty good record of winning in court,” she added.
Since 1929 illegal entry into the United States is a federal crime, up to six months in prison for the first offense and 20 years for the second offense. Hiring illegal immigrants carries a maximum penalty under federal statute of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.
However does it work in practice?
The Arizona law gives the state the right to suspend or terminate business
Backlash from Arizona's new immigration law could cost the Phoenix area at least $90 million in revenue. The USA has a large market for Mexico's narco trade.
Los Angeles, Seattle, Austin, San Francisco, San Diego, West Hollywood and many others to boycott Arizona over new immigration law. At least 22 other states are considering legislation similar to Arizona's
Some Arizona police chiefs and other state officials oppose the law, in no small part because of the provision allowing citizens to sue them. Phoenix Police Chief Jack Harris suggested it’s at best superfluous in terms of helping local law enforcement combat serious crime. Illegal aliens constitute over 25% of the federal prison population. In some areas of the country, 12 % of felonies, 25% of burglaries and 34% of thefts are committed by illegal aliens.
It remains to be seen how police will interpret the law’s anti-profiling language in practice. State officials tell us they have yet to work out what factors police should be trained to use to establish "reasonable suspicion" of illegal status. In June 2004, Enrique Sousa Alvarez, an illegal alien, was arrested in San Jose, California and charged with violently kidnapping a 9 year old girl from her home, holding her captive for 3 days, and repeatedly raped her before releasing her at a convenience store parking lot.
Corporate America calls to Mexico, with a very loud voice, \Hey amigos, come work for me, I have a lot of work and I know you are very cheap. Who cares about the risk involved, come get your American dream, I will pay you in DOLARES!!! Illegal alien Walter Alexander Sorto was repeatedly picked up for driver's license violations and for driving without insurance. Houston police, however, were barred from reporting his illegal residency status to federal authorities by "sanctuary policies". In March 2004, Sorto and a companion abducted, raped and killed 3 Houston women.

Make your own contribution – share new facts about illegal immigration and SB 1070!

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Comments (176)
  1. american mexican war still going!!! Brown is winning and will win. By numbers brown will dominate! Just like the whites over ran texas and california in 1800’s to 1900’s. mexican empire did not allow nor wanted the anglos to invade,live,squat,steal,immigrate. Just like Mr. Austin who brought 100 familes to Austin Texas, which is named after Mr. Austin. Whites outnumbered the brown so Texas became a state. Brown will dominate in goverment affairs in the states cali,texas,new mexico,nevada and soon arizona. These states will never be part of mexico but these states will be controlled by mexican american’s. Why, by numbers!!! There are more mexican american’s than anything. Whites are irish,english,german.polish and all the other eastern countries of europe. Whites is dying poulation in usa. All you whites are living in a brown world here in the americas,if you don’t like it, go back to the country of your orgin. I don’t care if you were born in usa your still the true immigrant/aliens. Americas is a brown world and is always is going to be brown/native world.

    VA:F [1.9.1_1087]
    Rating: -4 (from 8 votes)
    • If you speak Spanish you are of Euopean Heritage. If you are Native to Mexico you speak a Mayan ,Aztec or other Native dialect. “ALL” natives in North America and some of north and central Mexico came fom China ,Indonesia and northwest Russia [island bridges]…….So….Pick your Country and IF YOU DON”T understand that we outnumber you ILLEGAL ALIEN LAWBREAKERS….Understand this ! You Lost The Last War and that treaty that allowed Mexico to exist ,is not your door into this country.The front door is the LEGAL process. Not your CARTEL GANGS buying politicians and hacks. Perp walks for them are on the Calender…….AMERICAN CITIZEN TAXPAYERS are fed up…..the Mexican Government and it’s Boss Carlos Slim and His Spanish Cartels are Waiting for you to Come Change your home Govt. instead of wasting your time protesting here…The Federal Govt. is NOT 100% on the Cartel payroll and you don’t want to find out the hard way how bad you are wasting your time. Go Home ,,Grow some “HUEAVOS’ Be a Man your Children and Grandchildren will praise and KNOW the Country Of MEXICO took responsibility for it’s Citizens because of MEN Like you.[you don’t want them talking behind your back”DADDY SAYS we must go north to the USA for Better ’cause the Cartel wants us to {coverup}and they say they will help us?} a very bad joke on your children…no….Waste NO MORE SWEAT here…it’s a very BAD INVESTMENT!!!!

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      • We are being manipulated by a Rogue out of Constitutional control Government……..Neither Judge Bolton nor The Ninth circuit Cort have jurisdiction to make a ruling on SB 1070. the only ruling should have been deffered to the Supreme Court……some DOJ political majic ???
        read and U decide??

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          This is what Happens when you let COMMUNISTs live and influence School systems and do ALL they can to damage the Economy thru politics of help us {ACORN} and we’ll vote for you. Look where the bad mortgages are[ mort.forclosure agency has a map==google it] .Illegals with felonius documents have and will vote as voter registration is very lax on ID verification……..folks ,,,The times coming are not gonna be peaceful If we can’t Get proof to those that are ready to rumble that in November the System will correct itself partly and more in 2012……..we have to stop vote baiting politicians..period

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    • RSVP ANAL :

      “Brown people,” you say?

      22,700 of them are dead. (that they know about) An untold number missing.

      Killed by terror backed Cartels, who are murdering their own, and your own brown people.

      What are you doing about protecting your own people ?

      Your the worse kind of bottom feeder.
      Your howls once again heard for attention.
      We know that you were raised by a pack of wolves somewhere in a third world cave.

      If you have any humanity at all , go help your country and your people.

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  2. Arizona is gay

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  3. i am against the Arizona Law. this law states that any police officer has the right to interrogate anyone who looks like an illegal alien. so everyone has to carry around their papers. this law is like the Holocaust all over again. the Nazi’s made the Jews wear the star of david and they segregated them from everyone else.
    whats next with the Arizona Law? Concentration Camps? Death Camps? Are we going to commit genocide to not just one race but all of them?

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  4. Many more came through Ellis island illegally. Some served jail time in order to stay, look it up.

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  5. just because people make mistakes use food stamps, kindap people or whatever damages this country and all the mexican leavess out of your burden many more will come anyways and do the same things mexican or any other immmgrant. just because your white or black you think you guys should be able to stay here. anyone should be welcomed and not looked at as a criminal. some are here to m ake disasaster and some are trying to get out of it.. but were all equal in a sense that we make mistakes just like the nest person! its just another reason to be a war or a hate crime! you think people would learn from past history not to hate others but apparentlyy it hasnt gone through everyones head! very dissapointed they say americas is on of the best country but it lacks so much potential…..

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Does Arizona Immigration Law imply fight with democrats and President Obama?

Posted on May 28, 2010

People can't stop discussing the controversial Arizona Immigration Law. America has not been used to the reactionary politics applied by Jan Brewer. But maybe it's high time to stop the constant abuse of American hospitality? The American society is split into two parts...and arguments of both hold water. People expect Obama to react. The President sends troops to guard Arizona borders however will it change Arizona firm stance? Or Arizona Immigration Law is a pure fight against acting President and Democrats rather than with the illegals?

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  1. Let your voices be heard where it counts in support of all laws enforcement On this issue.
    AZ can not do this alone.

    Fax: (202) 307-4613
    Main switchboard comments Dept of Justice.

    President Obama’s
    comments phone number :


    FAX: (202)-456-2461

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    • Good post! We all need to call everyday…….

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  2. This is leading America:

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  3. Another state that has found it’s voice;


    Seattle, Wash. is one of 3 states that offers drivers licenses to illegals .

    The State of Wash. is currently proposing laws /to crack-down to prohibit illegals from obtaining a drivers lic.

    It further proposed ;

    All public and private employers to use E-Verify and deny non-emergency public and private benefits to non citizens.

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  4. Thank you, AZ Senator, John Kyl!!!!

    The White House can continue to punish AZ by Mr Amnesty /Obama
    but America is finally getting it.

    NO Amnesty
    Deport illegals livng here
    Stop all incentives
    Secure our border

    Support AZ

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  5. I take my hat off to Arizona for having the balls & morals to enforce the tough constitutional immigration law because Obama & the Feds are not doing their job & exercising any leadership. All the other 49 states need to follow suit with Arizona. Too many foreigners & illegals who can’t or refuse to adapt to the American culture & English language & if they can’t flush their own culture down the toilet where it belongs then they should GET OUT ! Multi-culturism doesn’t work & never has & all these illegals & foreigners are the reason why America has such high crime & overcrowded prisons. Foreigners must respect the American culture & laws & customs & SPEAK ENGLISH if they wish to live in the greatest nation in the world & that’s America. We need the borders secured & guarded by a military presence at all times to stop illegals from entering & if their caught then they should be shot dead. Dig a hole, aim, pull the trigger & BOOM!! It’s high time to run a tight ship of law & order of efficiency & ZERO TOLERANCE !! In other words a DICTATORSHIP ! Let’s not forget our greatest president FDR formed an alliance with Joseph Stalin the greatest leader of the Soviet Union. So as a patriotic American I wish to give praise & applause to FDR & COMRADE STALIN & THE RED ARMY FOR DEFEATING NAZI GERMANY !! :twisted: :evil: :mrgreen:

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    • ans. to :Americanism
      July 16th, 2010 – 09:00
      Your extreemist logic and/or propagandist style of writing is focused on putting opinions against ILLEGAL ALIEN LAWBREAKERS on the same page as “ALL” the negative drivel that CARTEL managers and propagandists pay for and perhaps [in your case] for free. ….You folks need to understand that WE know who Makes the most money off of border traffic. We know that “just folks looking for a better life”is the “cover story” borrowed from 50-60 years ago border traffic smugglers. we know that the past few decades Blueblood Spanish[euro,CA ,SA participation] Cartels OWN the Border traffic…….So, the Smuggling cheap labor is a perfect cover for a multibillion dollar smuggling operation….We know that “open Borders and Amnesty is practicallyand tactically MANDATORY for the smooth and cheap operations of a smuggling network. We know “ALL” those coming across are in debt for the trip or they will work as the Cartel “Orders” them…We know that those few that sneak by the Cartel system when caught on this side pay a price,anyway…..We Know….on..and ..on…and and so you see IT”S NOT IF your ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES are OVER…..what you folks might want to think about is WHEN!!!!!
      Go home …Protest to in Mexico City. Your children and Grandchildren will celebrate you as the LIBERATORS of the Mexican People. Carlos Slim “THE RICHEST man in the World’ and his partners and friends. can make things Right for the Citizens of MEXICO….Protest and CHANGE YOUR OWN COUNTRY!!!….Don’t waste ypour time trying to Change ours. The American Taxpayer CITIZENS are finished with ALL ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES…Cartels buying influence will be loosing money and might understand what the WW2 Japanese talked of being behind every blade of grass…..There are MORE PEOPLE ALLOWED in this country thru the LEGAL system of immigration and 20 differernt visa programs that the rest of the WORLD combined. Perhaps too many,,,,BUT,thats the front door and the WELCOME MAT IS THERE!!!!!

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